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Ready!Transient Electromagnetic Response of Conductive Media Modeling and Inversion Based on Fictitious Wave Domain Method

    Xiaoyu Zhao, Guofu Wang, Faquan Zhang, and Jincai Ye

Ready!A Detailed Analysis of Earthquake-Induced Groundwater Changes and Soil Liquefaction

    Dr. Amartya Kumar Bhattacharya

Ready!Water Quality Assessment and the Possibility of Using it for Drinking and Agriculture (Roudan, South Iran)

    Tahereh Khorrami and Peyman Rezaei

Ready!Locating an Underground Dam in Roudan Sub-Basin, South of Iran

    Tahereh Khorrami and Peyman Rezaei

Ready!Classification Method of Surrounding Rock Considering Crustal Stress of Coal Roadway and its Applications

    JS Cao

Ready!Application of Geo-Reinforced Stone-Column Technique for Soft Clay Soil Ground Improvement-A Review

    Ahmed Naseem A. K. and Patil K. A.

Ready!On the Mining Technology Under Water Pipe

    Lan Ma and Jian Ma

Ready!Mechanical Evolutionary Mechanism and Numerical Simulation Analysis of Roof Breaking for Stope With Variable Length

    Xin-feng Wang, Ya-Jing Li, and Xin-gao Tan

Ready!Seepage Control and Reliability Analysis of Wellhead in Old Mine

    Lan Ma and Jian Ma

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Crack Propagation in a Rock Mass with Kink Cracks

    Tiancheng Xie and Hongyan Liu

Ready!Calculation Model of the Earth Pressure on Retaining Wall with Relieving Platform

    Liu Minnan and Liu Fuchen

Ready!Structure Characteristics and Reinforcement Mechanism of Surrounding Pile-soil Coupling Anti-slide Pile (SPSC pile)

    Guo-ping Hu, Ming-xin Zheng, Ya-kun Fan, and Xiang-ying Kong

Ready!Predicting Long-Term Settlement using Modified Hussein and Gabr Model at Kajang Open Dumping Area

    Dr. Nur Irfah bte. Mohd Pauzi, Ahmad Sulaimi Shariffuddin, Zakaria Che Muda and Husaini Omar

Ready!Remediation of Crude Oil Contaminated Soil by Chemical Oxidation (Regenox Technique)

    Okonkwo Ugochukwu N., Ohazurike Emeka E., Ibenara Uchechukwu C. and Iroegbu Anneth U.

Ready!A Study on the Allowable Bearing Capacity Evaluation Method for Bi-Directional Pile Load Test of Barrette Pile

    Young Suk Hong, Jong Chul Im, and Jae Won Yoo

Ready!Leaching and Strength Characteristics of Phosphate-Based Binder Stabilized Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils

    Shi-Quan Wang and Ming-Li Wei

Ready!Anti-Seismic Technology of Double Tunnels Crossing Interface Between Soft and Hard Rock in Tunnel Portal

    Langzhou Tang, Yushen Shen, and Maged Al-Sebaeai

Ready!Arsenic Contamination in the Groundwater of India with a Special Focus on the Stabilization of Arsenic-Laden Sludge from Arsenic Filters

    Dr. Amartya Kumar Bhattacharya and Dr. Rajashree Lodh

Ready!Analysis of Resilience Against Seepage Flow in Embankment Layer Due to Puddle Water on Side of Highway Pavement Structure

    Dr. Ir. Darwis Panguriseng

Ready!Modeling Shale Rock Behavior Using a Flat Joint Model

    Yong Liu and Moh’d M. Amro

Ready!On the Construction of "Arch Beam" Structure Model of Super Thick Composite Roof

    Luo Xiao and Zhang JunWen

Ready!Fragment-Distribution Evolution Law of Ore-drawing Working Face with Sublevel Caving Method

    Peng Li and Zhuo Cheng

Ready!Super Weapons (Energy Weapons) for Inducing Earthquakes, Landslides, Sinkholes, Snow Avalanche, and Erupting Volcanoes

    Morteza Sheshpari

Ready!Experimental Study on the Free Expansive Rate of Expansive Soil

    Chen Yong-qing,Wen Chang-ping, Fang Xuan-qiang, Sun Zheng, and Chen Zong-hui

Ready!Deformation Monitoring, Simulation, and Prediction of Subway Deep Excavations

    Sichun Long, Wei Zhou, Jinlei Fu, and Liya Zhang

Ready!Effects of Specimen Sizes and Shapes on Compressive Strength of Concrete Mixed with Palm Kernel Shells as Coarse Aggregate

    Dr. Abdus-Sabur Raji and S. A. Ogbaje

Ready!Influence of Fault Dipping and Fragmentation on Environmental Vibrations Caused by Tunnel Blasting Excavation in Saturated Rock Masses

    Zengwei Liu, Li Shi, Honglei Sun, Qiuqi Wang, Zhigang Cao and Xiaodong Pan

Ready! Effect of Tencate Polyfelt Geolon PP on California Bearing Ratio of Selected Subgrade Soil in Ife Town, Southwest Nigeria

    Aluko, Oluwaseun David, and Afolayan, Olaniyi Diran

Ready!The Use of Non-Invasive Geophysical Techniques in Detecting of Boulder and Bedrock at Pulau Pangkor, Perak, Malaysia

    Muhammad Azrief bin Azahar, Qusanssori Noor bin Rusli, Mohd Azwan Salleh, and Nick Farhan Zakiran Mahadi

Ready!Rockburst hazard and gas emission potential around an LTCC mining panel associated with a dyke and a fault affected zone of Barapukuria Coal mine in Bangladesh: A numerical modeling approach

    Md. Rafiqul Islam, Md. Abdul Hye and Mohammed Omar Faruque


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