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Ready!Design for Optimization of Magnesium Alkalization Additive for Strengthening Weak Soil by Full Factorial

    Muhammad, Nurmunira and Siddiqua, Sumi

Ready!Shear Properties and Microscopic Deformation Mechanism of Silt Lightweight Soil Materials

    Dr Feng Yong, Zhang Panpan, and Hu Haochen

Ready!Total Suction Characteristics of Reticulate Red Clay under Isopiestic Humidity Control

    Di Wu, Jianzhong Li, and Chuang Zhang

Ready!Research Status and Application of Blockage Removal Technology Domestic and Abroad

    WeiJie Miao and Liqiang Zhao

Ready!Development Status and Prospect of Acidification Process and Acid Fracturing Technology

    Yipeng Deng and Liqiang Zhao

Ready!Identification of Active Formations via Remote Sensing

    Aliakbar Amahdavian Cheshme Gol

Ready!A Study on the Unconfined Compressive Strength of Improved Soil by DCM Method through Field Test

    Wooje Lee, Jong-Chul Im, and Minsu Seo

Ready!Deformation Characteristics of Deep-Shallow Pit in Main-Podium Building

    Mingzhu Liu, Shijie Wang, and Kangdi Wang

Ready!The Process of Rainfall Infiltration Into Expansive Soil Slope Based on Unsaturated - Saturated Theory

    Shu Liang, Qiang Xie, Wen Zhao, and Mengfei Qu

Ready!Geotechnical Considerations for the Design and Construction of Foundations in a Marshy Stream Channel of Iwochang - Ibeno, Eastern Niger Delta, Nigeria

    F.A. Abija, S.C. Teme and E. Oborie

Ready!New Progress and Trend of Relative Permeability Hysteresis in Oilfields

    Wang, Shiyi

Ready!Electric Potential Response Characteristics on Coal Seam Mining in the Field

    Yue Niu, Xiaoyao Song, Zhonghui Li, Enyuan Wang, and Lanbo Liu

Ready!Challenge of Bauxite Logistics

    Lee Sue Yee, Shahryar Sorooshian, Mohd Ghazali Maarof, and Muzamir Hasan

Ready!Pertinent Approach to Cyclic Triaxial Testing

    Akhila Mohan, Kodi Ranga Swamy, and N Sankar

Ready!Non-Darcy Skin Effect Considering New Boundary Conditions

    Yue Wang, Hongyuan Li, Haojun Wu, Lei Huang, and Hongzhou Liu

Ready!Performance of Quarry Dust–Cement Stabilized Lateritic Soil as a Highway Construction Material

    Arinze, E.E*, Agunwamba, J.C., and Mama, B.O.

Ready!Crushed Solid Wastes Based Geopolymer Cements and Nano-Geomaterials and the Rheology of Treated Soils for Pavement Construction

    Kennedy Chibuzor Onyelowe

Ready!Numerical Analysis on the Propagation and Evolution Mechanism of Several Primary Fractures Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing

    Leyong Chen, Xianhe Wang, and Gen Qiang

Ready!Effect of Ceramic Waste Derivatives on the Volume Change Behavior of Soft Soils for Moisture Bound Transport Geotechnics

    Dr. Kennedy Chibuzor Onyelowe, Duc Bui Van, Manh van Nguyen, & Henry Ugwuanyi

Ready!The Impact of Urban Biophysical Compounds on Genesis Thermal islands using RS and GIS (Case study: Yazd)

    Ali Akbar Mahdavian and Cesme Gol

Ready!Determination of the Critical Slip Surface of Slopes Using the RFEM-Based Upper Bound Limit Analysis

    Shaofa Zhang and Fengtao Liu

Ready!Geotechnical Characteristics of Soil in the Presence of Saline Industrial Landfill Leachate, Case Study: Al-Nasreya Landfill, Egypt

    Safia M. Khodary, Hassan Fath, Wael Elham, Manabu Fujii, Jiro Takemura, Abdel Azim M. Negm, and Ahmed Tawfik

Ready!Exploring Rock by Blasting with Gunpowder as Explosive, Aggregate Production and Quarry Dust Utilization for Construction Purposes

    Dr. Kennedy Chibuzor Onyelowe, Duc Bui Van, Francis Orji, Manh Nguyen Van, Clifford Igboayaka and Henry Ugwuanyi

Ready!Seismic Stability of Clayey Slopes Using Sand Encapsulated Geotextile Layers

    Alireza Tabarsa and SeyedAli Tabatabaei

Ready!Reliability of the International Codes for Estimating the Bearing Capacity of Pile Foundation – A Statistical Study

    Dr. Mahmoud F. Awad-Allah


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