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Ready!Dynamic Dewatering Research of Deep Foundation Pit During Excavation in Water-Rich Sandy Cobble Stratum Layer

    Xi Chaobo, Fu Helin, and Liu Weizheng

Ready!Mathematical Modeling for Estimation of Desorbed Production in Shale Reservoirs

    Yong Liu and Mohammed M. Amro

Ready!Calculation Method for Flexural Strength of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Based on Experimental Data Analysis

    Sheng Wang, Shucai Li, Liping Li, Shaoshuai Shi, Zongqing Zhou, and Shuai Cheng

Ready!Behavior of Large Bored Pile in Cohesionless Soil

    Thanapat Suebpha and Watcharin Gasaluck

Ready!Roof Structure and Support Resistance during Roof First Weighting of Shallow Coal Seams in Yushen Mining Area

    Mengye Zhao, Qingxiang Huang, Kejun Huang, and Xin Huang

Ready!Dynamic Stability Analysis of Weathering Rock Slope by Strength Reduction Method

    Jie Lai, Yun Liu, Xiu-di Li*, Ying-ren Zheng, and Ying-xiang Wu

Ready!Persistent Examination of Lime Stabilized Marine Clay

    Sai Vara Prasad, M. Anjan Kumar, Dsv Prasad, and Gvrp Raju

Ready!Mechanical Behavior of Passive Flexible Barrier under Rockfall Impact

    Xin Qi, Zhenliang Li, Zhixiang Yu, Chang Yang, and Hu Xu

Ready!A Case Study of DSM Method Applied to Urban Tunnel Construction

    Hyung Jun Lee, Jong-Chul Im, and Minsu Seo

Ready!Cement-Tripoli Admixture Replacement In Concrete Mix

    Dr Mohmd Sarireh and Hamad-Allah Al-Baijat

Ready!Rational Width of Chain Coal-Pillar in Shallow Coal Seam in the Northern Shaanxi Area

    Yaoqiang Geng and Yonglu Suo

Ready!Gas Distribution Characteristics of Coal Seam in Central Hunan and Its Impact on Anping Tunnel and Structural Design

    Xiao Wengui, Fu Helin, and Wu Wuxing

Ready!Influencing Factors of Air Foam Flooding in Wuliwan area of Jing'an Oilfield

    Yan Wende, Fan Wei, Luo Taotao, Yuan Yingzhong, and Yu Guangming

Ready!An Experimental Study on the Estimation of Countermeasure Method for the Cavity Underneath the Structure

    Moon Bong Choi, Jong Chul Im, and Jae Won Yoo

Ready!Concrete Properties Using Tripoli

    Hamad-Allah B'aijat and Mohmd Sarireh

Ready!Review on Effect of Sugarcane Bagasse Ash as an Additive in Construction Industry

    Mahdi Keramatikerman, Amin Chegenizadeh, and Sergei Terzaghi

Ready!Stability Analysis of Overall Anchorage Bearing Structure of Roadway

    Shuancheng Gu, Xiaodong Li*, and Shan Guo

Ready!Seepage Characteristics for Fractured Wells in Coalbed Methane Reservoirs

    Mingjun Li, Xiangyi Yi, Chengyong Li, and Yuan Lu

Ready!Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Granite Under Water Immersion

    Li Yu, Minghui Yan, Yanping Chen,and Haiwang Chen

Ready!Stiffness and Bearing Capacity of Supporting Structures in Soft Rock Tunnels with High Geostress

    Wei Zhao, Shengxiang Lei, Qinghua Xiao, Xue Ma, and Zhanfeng Fan


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