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Ready!Effect of Materials Quality on Stability of Embankment Dam

    Behzad Kalantari and Farhad Nazeri

Ready!Methodology for Uncertainty Analysis to Predict Formation Pressures Using Information from Known Neighboring Wells

    Huanjie Zhang, Kai Wei, and Zhiqiang Huang

Ready!Numerical Research on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Gas Pipeline

    Huanjie Zhang, Kai Wei, and Zhiqiang Huang

Ready!Modelling Crude Oil Spread in Aquatic Environment

    G. N. Ezeh, J. C. Agunwamba, C. N. Ezugwu, K. C. Onyelowe, Chinonso Udoji, Bao Tien, and Trieu Hung Truong

Ready!Arsenic Contamination in the Groundwater of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar with a Special Focus on the Stabilisation of Arsenic-Laden Sludge from Arsenic Filters

    Dr. Amartya Kumar Bhattacharya, Dr. Rajashree Lodh, Asoke Kumar Roy, D.M.P. Karthik, Dr. Ajai Singh, Sweta Kumari, Varsha Kumari, Kumar Daksh, Pankaj Kumar, Anurag, and Abhay Kumar Mishra

Ready!Numerical Modeling of Strata Displacement and Drawdown of Groundwater Table Associated with UCG-induced Cavity Heights: A case Study for the Jamalganj Coal Deposit, Bangladesh

    Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam, Md. Zahidul Islam, and Mohammed Omar Faruque

Ready!Discharge Velocity and Drawdown of Groundwater Table Associated with UCG-Induced Cavity Zone: A Numerical Modeling Approach for the Khalashpir Coal Deposit, Northwest Bangladesh

    Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam, Mohammed Omar Faruque, and Shoaeeb Adnan

Ready!Love Stress Function Method for Solving Axisymmetric Elasticity Problems of the Elastic Half-Space

    Charles Chinwuba Ike

Ready!Unconfined Compressive Strength and Young’s Modulus of Riyadh Limestone

    Ahmed Alnuaim, Wagdi Hamid, and Abdulhafiz Alshenawy

Ready!Numerical Analyses of Soil Arching Mechanism for Passive Laterally Loaded Piles

    Honglin Li and Mingyuan Wang

Ready!Three-Dimensional Effect of Soil Arch and Stress Arch in Landslide-Anti-Slide Pile System

    Honglin Li and Mingyuan Wang

Ready!Settlement Deformation of Surface Buildings Caused by Construction of Precipitation Pilot Tunnels

    Xie Siwei, Yang Yong, Wang Guihe, and Qian Feng

Ready!Numerical Simulation Study on Activation Characteristics of Faults Induced by Deep Well Mining

    Cao Jisheng

Ready!Reasonable Width of Small Coal Pillars along the Roadway in Isolated Island Working

    Cao Jisheng

Ready!Experiment of Expansion Project’s Influence on Existing Building’s Deformation with Digital Camera Measurement

    Zihong Guo, Tangyong Li, and Gaoqiang Zou

Ready!A Calculation Method and Experimental Verification of Debris Flow Velocity

    Liu Shuliang and Zhang Ji-chun

Ready!Rock Burst Prediction Based on GA-Projection Pursuit Regression

    Gao Ke, Liu Ze-yi, Xu Xiao-guang, Liu Yu-Jiao, Liu Zi-Meng, Qi Zhi-Peng, and Li Sheng-Nan

Ready!The Application of The Fitness Degree of Interval Numbers for Stability Classification of Underground Engineering Surrounding Rock

    Gao Ke and Liu Ze-yi

Ready!Behavior of Asphalt Concrete Mixed with Palm Kernel Shells

    Madjadoumbaye Jérémie

Ready!Analysis of the Characteristics of the Independent Basic Type and the Causes of the Skew,

    Zou Sijing, Liu Dong, Ou Gaojun, and Fu Helin


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