The Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering 2019

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Ready!Deviation Correction Technology and Influencing Factors of a Residential Building

    Zou Sijing, Liu Dong, Ou Gaojun and Fu Helin

Ready!Theoretical Solution of Bearing Capacity of Fractured Rock Mass Under Strip Foundation

    Ou Gaojun, Fu Helin, Zou Sijing, Liu Dong, and Li Liang

Ready!Theoretical Solution of Bearing Capacity of Broken Rock Foundation with Circular Shallow Foundation Based on Mohr-Coulomb Criterion

    Liu Dong, Ou Gaojun, Fu Helin, Zou Sijing, and Zhao Yunya

Ready!Numerical Simulation on Failure Characteristics of Different Walls under Gas Explosion Impact

    Yang Zhuohua, Ye Qing, Jia Zhenzhen, Wu Tangrui, Zhu Shaofei, Shen Zihe, and Li He

Ready!Characterization of Recycled Materials Used In Cameroon's Road Layers: Towards a Sustainable Construction pproach

    Marcelline Blanche Manjia, Jérémie Madjadoumbaye, Paul Magoua, and Hermann Kanyim Homssi

Ready!The Geotechnical Parameters of a Soil-Bitumen

    Madja Doumbaye Jérémie, Djadjoukoa Jacques, and Moussa Sali

Ready!Research Progress and Prospect on Numerical Simulation of Fracture Propagation in SRV Fracturing of Shale

    Lin Wu, Liqiang Zhao, Zhifeng Luo, and Zhiguang Yao

Ready!Application of Electrical Resistivity Tomography Synthetic Modeling

    Mohammed Ismael Abu Shariah and Sawsan Kamel Shariah

Ready!An Experimental Study of Reusing Coal Ash for Base Course of Road Pavement in Viet Nam

    Nguyen Thi Nu, Bui Truong Son, and Do Minh Ngoc

Ready!Back Analysis of the Shear Strength Parameters for Single Specimen with Bedding Planes

    Guijun Song, Qian Zhang, and Xianjie Hao

Ready!Evaluation of Consolidation Results by the Settlement Rate Approach

    Olek B.S., Borecka A., and Wozniak H.



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