The Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering 2019

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Ready!Rock Physics Analysis Determines Reservoir Properties between Western Platform and Southern Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

    Joseph Gnapragasan and Ymar Gamzah

Ready!Numerical Simulation on Damage Process of Roadway Wall under Gas Explosion Impact

    Zhu Shaofei, Ye Qing, Li He, Jia Zhenzhen, Yang Zhuohua, and Shen Zihe

Ready!Failure Characteristics of Granite Specimen With a Circular Hole Under Coupled Dynamic and Static Loads

    Zhixian Hong

Ready!Acid-fracturing Technologies in Deep Carbonate Reservoirs

    Liqiang Zhao and WeiJie Miao

Ready!Analysis of Wellbore Blockage Phenomenon and Measurements

    Liqiang Zhao and WeiJie Miao

Ready!Optimization of Grout Parameters and Volume of Filling Grouting in Karst through Simulation Experiment

    Lei Cao, JingWei Liang, Maiyong Jiang, Chen Yi, and Sibo Liu

Ready!Optimization of Grouting Anchor Cable Advance Support in Fully Mechanized Mining Face

    Zhang Yandong

Ready!Reasonable Width of Coal Pillar in Stop Mining Line of Fully Mechanized Caving Mining in Extra-Thick Coal Seam

    Zhao Zhen, Ma Depeng, and Liu Chuanxiao

Ready!Surface Subsidence Numerical Simulation of the West Anshan Iron Based on the Post Peak Strain Softening Constitutive Model

    Lan Qiao, Yi Hai Zhang, and Qing Wen Li



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