The Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering

Alan Hoback
Alan S. Hoback

Manoch Rujipakorn
Manoch Rujipakorn

Authors of
Prediction of Bearing Capacity of Large Drilled Piles in
Nonhomogeneous Soil by Using 3D Finite Element Method

EJGE, Vol 9, 2004, Bundle E


Alan Hoback is an Associate Professor at the Civil & Environmental Department, University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MI, USA. Dr. Hoback's research interests are in the areas of structural design, computer-aided engineering, nonlinear structural optimization, and finite elements. Dr. Hoback has written finite element programs and has created new techniques for optimization of discrete variables, geometric variable and integer variables. His work improves the chances that a global optimal design can be found. Dr. Hoback has worked on the design of energy absorbing autobody parts. He has published in the areas of Design of Vehicle Structure for Crashworthiness, optimal design of pile foundations, a new method of finding the global and discrete optimums for structural systems.

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Alan S. Hoback
Associate Professor
University of Detroit Mercy
Engineering Building, E252
P.O. Box 19900
4001 W. McNichols Dr.
Detroit MI 48219-0900
Phone: 313-993-1578
FAX: 313-993-1187
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Manoch Rujipakorn is a Lecturer at the Rajamongala Institute of Technology, Prathumthanee, Thailand (RIT). He teaches Prestressed Concrete Design, Building Design, and Computer Application in Civil Engineering. His research has focused on Finite Element Modeling of super structures, mat foundations and pile-soil interaction. Rujipakorn holds a B.S. in civil engineering from RIT, M.Eng. from Khonkaen University, M.Eng. and D.Eng. in Structural Engineering from University of Detroit Mercy.

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Dr. Manoch Rujipakorn
Rajamongala Institute of Technology
Prathumthanee, Thailand