The Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering


Dr. Farhat Javed
Author of
Geotechnical Evaluation of a Morning Glory Spillway
Failure Founded on Expansive and Dispersive Clay

EJGE Vol.9 Bun.D

Farhat Javed is an associate professor at National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), Risalpur campus, Pakistan.  He teaches Soil Mechanics to undergraduate students and offers courses in embankment dam engineering and foundation engineering to the post graduate engineers of geotechnical engineering program at National Institute of Transport, Risalpur.  He got his doctorate  from Colorado State University, USA in 1989 and has worked on national and international dam construction projects as a consultant.  His assignments included Djatiluhur dam in Indonesia and Timah Tasoh  & Aur dam in Malaysia.  He has been involved in design and construction of more than ten dam projects in Pakisatn including billion dollar Ghazi Barotha hydel project.  He joined NUST in year 2000.  His research interests include geotechnical aspects of dams engineering,  contaminant transport and problematic soils of Pakistan.

Contact info:

c/o Academic Wing
MCE college of Engineering
Risalpur, Pakistan
Tel. (0300) 5157135