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Türker Mirata
(Photo by G. Birkan)
Türker Mirata
Author of
A Modified Way of Testing Filters for Clay Cores of Embankment Dams
ejge Paper 0431
coauthored by
Tanfer Gürler

Türker Mirata is a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara. Amongst other subjects like Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, and Measurement of Soil Properties, he has been lecturing in Earth Structures for the past 38 years. As such, most of his research has been connected with the soil mechanics problems of embankment dams, particularly the measurement of the shear strength of unsaturated clays and gravels or rockfill material, the methods he has developed for this purpose being documented in a recently updated handbook, the pdf version of which is now available online. He has published over 47 technical papers and discussions, 20 in international journals and conference proceedings.

Contact information:

Department of Civil Engineering,
Middle East Technical University, 
06531 Ankara, Turkey.
Tel. (90) 312 2102409
Fax. (90) 312 2101262
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