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Physical and Engineering Properties of a Cement Stabilized Soft Soil Treated with Acrylic Resin Additive
EJGE Vol. 8, Bundle D, 2003

Development of Physical and Engineering Properties of Injected Sand with Latex - Superplasticized Grouts
EJGE Vol. 9, Bundle A, 2005

Presentation and Assessment of Clay Influence on Engineering Parameters of Cement-Treated Clayey Mixtures
EJGE Vol. 10, Bundle A, 2005

A Proposed Classification for Anisotropic Engineering Behaviour of Cement Treated Clayey Mixtures Related to Their Strength and Durability
EJGE Vol. 10, Bundle C, 2005

A Critical Bound Meeting the Physical and Engineering Requirements for Best Cement Stabilization Effect on Clay – Sand Mixtures
EJGE Vol. 10, Bundle D, 2005

Effect of Curing Time and Bentonite Content on the Quantitative Evaluation of Engineering Behavior of Cement Treated Clayey Mixtures Under Soaked Conditions
EJGE Vol. 11, Bundle A, 2006

Dr. Evangelos I. Stavridakis is a Lecturer at the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering Division, Department of Civil Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece

Dr. Evangelos I. Stavridakis holds the following degrees: B.Sc., Geology, Arist. Un. Thessaloniki, Greece; M.Sc. Engineering Geology and Geotechnics Un. of Leeds, England; Ph.D. Civil Engineering Department, Greece.

He has done research, experimental work, and published extensively on soil stabilization of problematic soils (surface or deep stabilization, grouting), (mixing of clays with cement, calcium hydroxide or other chemical additives) This study evaluates the improvement of unconfined compressive strength, durability, and Atterberg limits of cemented stabilized soils. He defined also the relation of the above parameters with the stabilization parameters of clayey soils. Also this study evaluates the engineering and cement-stabilization parameters of clay-soils under soaked conditions. Finally efforts for a solution to the problem of predicting the suitability of silty-clayey materials for cement-stabilization led to considerable conclusions. In University of Leeds (1977) he has studied the effects of ageing in an aqueous environment on the engineering properties of Oxford clay.

He teaches Soil Mechanics and Environmental Geotechnics

Contact Info:

Dr. Evangelos I. Stavridakis
Laboratory of Soil Mechanics
Geotechnical Engineering Division
Department of Civil Engineering
Aristotlelian University of Thessaloniki
54 124 Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel: 00302310 995814
Fax: 00302310 995619