The GML Steering/Working Group

Current members of the Steering/Working Group of
the Geotechnical-XML (GML) project are:

Ian Brown, TAGASOFT Geotechnical Software, New Zealand
email Ian Brown:
Salvatore Caronna, President, Geotechnical Computer Applications, Santa Rosa, CA
Website: gINT
email Salvatore Caronna:
Murray Fredlund, President, SoilVision Systems, Canada
Website: SoilVision Systems
email Murray Fredlund:
Nadim Ash, President, Datasurge Co., Bradford, MA
Website: Datasurge
email Nadim Ash:
Paul Bryden, GEO-SLOPE International, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Website: GEO-SLOPE
email Paul Bryden:
Erik Knowles, GeoSystem Software, Fort Collins, Colorado
Website: GeoSystem Software
email Eric Knowles:
Laurel Gorman, Tri-Service CADD/GIS Technology Center at WES, Vicksburg, MS
Website: Standard Data Format for Geotechnical and Geological Exploration Project (WES)
email Laurel Gorman:
Linda Haarvik, Division Director of the Analysis Group, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, NGI
Website: NGI web site
email Linda Haarvik:

Please contact for info and comments.