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Legal Issues

It has been generally accepted that no new laws are necessary in the US for intellectual property issues regarding the Internet since the current laws regarding conventional means of publication are essentially valid, with few clarifications and generalizations, also for works published on the Internet. These are discussed in detail at the Faegre and Benson's Web page Internet Legal Issues.

Essentially, there is a "fair use" concept as with conventional works, such as partial copying for in-house use. The copyright is transferable as usual. This means that the copyright of the papers publised by the EJGE will belong to the EJGE, just as it is the case with print journals. In addition, no one else will be able to make any profit out of the distribution of the material publised by the EJGE, just as it is the case with conventional print publishing.

There is some activity in the Congress for new laws for material presented on the WWW. Some discussion can be found at the CMP Publications "TechWeb" pages. By Eric R. Chabrow, dated March 25, 1996.