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Geotechnical Engineering

Logos of

The logos are the little grapics, which usually repeat on several pages, that are used for identification or indication of the function of the page.

For example, the following familiar logo shows that you are on the front page of the EJGE journal:

This was created by James Duncan Davidson, the Java Man.

Here is the logo of the Geotechnical Virtual Library front page:

The logo of the World Wide Web of Geotechnical Engineers (W3G):

And then of course we have the pointing-up EJGE logo, which identifies an EJGE paper:

iGEM has its own:

Bottom-of-the page link logo which lets you "navigate" to differest places in,
including this, home page:

I'm sure there are others, but I have made every one of them myself (except the journal header by James, mentioned above), using primitive tools that came with Windows; that's why they are so grainy.

For egoistic reasons, I have made one for myself too: