Sending Money to EJGE

Various ways available

Various ways are available for sending money to EJGE© and EJGEsoft©.

The current (since 2015) editorial fee is $500 for the entire editorial and publishing work. Following the "supply and demand" rule of economics, and other factors, this may be modified.

We happily accept checks, bank transfer, or credit cards:

  1. Payment can be made by company or personal checks or money orders. The check should be made out to EJGE and mailed to:
          2111 N. Burdick St.
          Stillwater, OK 74075
  2. Payment can also be made by bank (or "wire") transfer. In this case banks charge for wire transfers (EJGE will pay their fee). For this method of payment your bank will need this info:
          Name of the bank: BancFirst
          Name of account: E.J.G.E.
          Address: BancFirst
          P.O. Box 1
          Stillwater, OK 74074
    Important note: banks care about money but not your name (meaning, sometimes they don't tell us who sent the money) make sure your name goes with the bank transfer documents---you can also send an e-mail to EJGE after you've sent the fee.
  3. For payment by credit card you will be using the secure server provided by Skrill, which is free for the payers. Tell them the e-mail to send to is: