Turkish American is an expression meaning an American with Turkish descent (origin). Americans (citizens of the United States of America) have come and still continue to come from all countries of the world.

A thousand years ago the original invaders came from Central Asia (relative to Turkic people), and they used to be called "Indians" because the first Europeans who came to settle here mistakenly thought they were in India! Now they are usually called "Native Americans" or just "Natives". Newcomers respect the natives' rights; for example, the house where EJGE started sits in a land that belongs to an "Indian" named Chief Sitting Bull. People who buy houses to live here only have a right to use the ground surface; the minerals underneath still belong to the Chief. Then there are "Norwegian Americans", "African Americans", "Chinese Americans" and so on.

If you are wondering why Jennifer Lopez is singing in Spanish, that's because it is her mother tongue since she is a Spanish American (called Hispanic). The USA President, Barack Obama, is an African American. His Vice President, Joseph Biden, is a Jewish American. Valentina Lisitsa is Ukrainian American.

First post: Jan 7, 2011

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