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Guidelines for Reviewers

General Guidelines

The following guidelines are offered as an aid for the review of papers submitted for publication in the EJGE.

Please note that the paper you have been asked to review is a confidential document not to be shown to others, or used for any purpose other than evaluation, or described to anyone else except to solicit confidential assistance in forming a decision.


Consideration should be given to the following items:
  • Is the work suitable for publication in EJGE by its relevance and overall quality?
  • Is the work scientifically sound?
  • Is the work original?
  • Is the work timely, interesting, and useful?
  • Are the references to related works, the title, the keywords, and the abstract adequate?
  • Does the paper contain sufficient/excessive illustrations?
  • Is language adequate?
  • Is the form of presentation adequate?

Possible Decisions

The reviewer is expected to put the paper in one of the four categories listed below.

  1. Accept without any changes
    The manuscript is publishable as submitted. Most papers will still require minor copyediting, proofing, etc.
  2. Accept with Few Revisions
    Prior to publication, some minor details need to be modified, as specified.
  3. Major Revisions
    The paper can be useful with the ideas and results it presents, but the paper is so flawed that it requires major revisions. If revised, this paper will be treated as a new submission.
  4. Reject
    There is no merit whatsoever in publishing this paper in the EJGE. Some other forum may or may not be advised.

When encountering an exceptional contribution, please also point this out so that we can consider the paper for recognition (possibly, prizes).

Should you have any questions or concerns, the editorial office stands ready to assist you. We also welcome your comments on any aspect of the reviewing process.