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Software Demos

Currently available demos are listed below. These demos will only run for a brief period of time, but long enough for you to evaluate the program and decide if you would like to purchase a copy for yourself.

You can download either the ZIP file or the self extracting version, which is an executable (EXE) file. Both versions contain the same (program and support) files, and are in compressed ZIP format for fast downloading. EXE files are approximately twice as large, therefore will take twice as long to download. The ZIP file sizes are very reasonable (only 17 to 51k). For the self extracting EXE versions please contact ejgeSoft

In the list below, please only use the links of the currently available demos. Note that both the ZIP version and the self-extracting (EXE) versions are available. You do not need both of these, just one. The ZIP file is good for those who already have unzipping capability on their computer. The EXE version has a sel-extracting code added to it, so by running it the files will extract themselves. In either case, you need to make your own directories yourself on your hard disk, drag-and-drop the exe files to make icons on your Windows desktop, or add them to your Windows menus; such things will not happen on their own, without your permission.

Demo's are not available today, but you can take advantage of the incredible special offer with FREE manuals for all, and FREE-for-students deal!

  • You may need vbrun300.DLL file. If you do you can download it here. You can save it either in the same directory as the program file you just downloaded or in Wndows directory. click here to download vbrun300.dll file.
  • Note. All programs use 64-bit double precision math.

ask ejge info desk for details.

Please note that customer service is not available with demos.

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