How to Announce Available Geotechnical Positions
in ejge Web Servers
To publish your open position notice, please email your notice in any appropriate format, to:

The cost of this service is very reasonable, and there is no time limit (until position is filled or no longer available).

Be sure to include postal and email addresses to apply, and http address of the company web page, if any, for reference by the potential candidate. Small images are acceptable. EJGE reserves the right to edit and format the material submitted.

As a professional courtesy, we will post your announcement as soon as we receive your order. The fee is one-time $100 if you already have a web page set up on another server and want ejge to publish a link to it, and $200 if you are just supplying the ad info and want ejge to make the web page for you as well. Payment should be received within the next five business days for continuation of your posting.

1. The fastest method of payment is by credit card using PayPal. All you need to tell PayPal is that the recipient is:

The rest is all done electronically, and your job ad will be posted within 24 hours.

2. An alternative payment method is to order your bank to "wire" the money to the ejge account. Your bank will need this info:

Address: BancFirst, P.O. Box 1, Stillwater, OK 74074 USA
Name of account: Elec. Journal Geotech. Eng.
Transit (routing) number: 103003632
The account number will be supplied upon request

3. Still another method is by check/money order
Please send your check for (US funds) for each announcement. Please make the check payable to EJGE and send to:
2111 N. Burdick St.
Stillwater, OK 74075