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Bearing Capacity Software

The characteristics of the program EgjeSoft BearCap© are presented below.

The program is very easy to use, and will not expire (will work indefinitely -- except the demo version, of course).

It will work under all versions of Windows (but not DOS, UNIX, etc.).

See the main window

Features of EjgeSoft BearCap©

  • Both types of factor of safety (Load and shear strength) can be used,
  • Eccentric and inclined loadings are considered,
  • Variable GWT level, different side and foundation soils,
  • Terzaghi, Meyerhof, and Vesic methods; just click to change, results change immediately,
  • Change any parameter and Enter/Click for immediate re-calculation,
  • Both SI and old English unit systems; click a button to instantly convert all data and results, in both directions,
  • Windows Help file (includes the theory and the formulas used),
  • Nicely formatted printer output.
  • Reverse problem (find B and L for a given F.S.) NEW '04
  • Hansen and Caquot-Kerisel methods added NEW '05

How to get a Demo copy

Information about demos available today can be found at the demos web page of the EJGE website.

Website File Transfers

To make the file transfers over the Net more efficient, files are placed in this server in compressed format, which uncompress automatically after downloading.

Get Your Own Copy of EjgeSoft BearCap©

The current availabilty information can be found in Web pages of the EJGE.

See also EjgeSoft Program Cc