PC Software ZIP/UNZIP Information

EJGE programs normally come in ZIP'ped form. This is the most popular compression/archival method used today for tranfer of large quantities of data over the Net.

A file with an extension of "ZIP" normally means that it contains one or more files in it in compressed form. The files must be "extracted" from the ZIP file to be usable. This process is usually referred to as "Unzipping."

Information and utilities for un-zipping can be found by searching the Web at Yahoo, Infoseek, Excite, or another search tool. PKUNZIP is one of the most popular shareware unzipping program (for DOS). WinZip is the corresponding program for Windows (all versions available).
For example, see Unzipping

A good source in Australia is this

If a file is labelled "Self-extracting ZIP file (or archive)" it means that there is a short executable program added into the ZIP file. This type of file is given an EXE extension. The special short program is designed to unzip the archive it's attached to. This type of file is useful for those who do not want to deal with the details of unzipping; all they have to do is to execute the downloaded file by a "Run" command or double clicking the file name in File Manager (Windows 3.x) or File Explorer (newer Windows versions). The files in the archive are extracted into the directory where the Self-extracting ZIP file is placed.