iGEM Book Review


Construction Vibrations

by Charles H. Dowding

Prentice-Hall 1996


Charles Dowding has produced another book, this time on on Construction Vibrations. He is the author of the famous book on Blast Vibrations, which was also one of its kind. Although the reader recalls segments of the first book in the new one, it would be injustice to label this new book as a revision of the earlier one. For one, the volume of the book is almost doubled. The style of writing is still straight to the point, so don't expect lengthy "academic" discussions filling up pages. The material is quite up to date, and newer concepts from soil dynamics and earthquake engineering are incorporated in the study of ground vibration effects on structures. The introduction of these topics to the study of blast vibrations is an important contribution to the field. Although these topics are somewhat advanced, and the coverage is concise, the presentation is very clear.

Civil/Geotechnical engineers dealing with the effects of blasting and other construction vibrations should definitely have a copy of this book -- and read it cover to cover.

Dr Dowding, a member of the EJGE Board, is a Professor of Civil Engineering at Northwestern University. He maintains an exemplary Web service, including a discussion group, Construction Vibrations Community of Interest.

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