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Theories of Consolidation

by Robert L. Schiffman

Univerity of Colorado Press, 2000


Robert Schiffman devoted a significant part of his professional career to studying the theory and analysis of consolidation. This book presents a comprehensive treatment, as he saw it, of the fundamental themes of consolidation theory, ranging from traditional subjects involving analysis of progress of consolidation of saturated soils in terms of conventional theory, to nonlinear infinitesimal theory, and nonlinear consolidation properties and finite deformations. Subjects such as multiple layering and consolidation of accumulating clay layers, which comprise a moving boundary problem, were central to Bob Schiffman's studies. He always strived to obtain closed form analytic solutions whenever possible, but he was also adept in developing computational algorithms and schemes for general problems. In his later years he continuously reexamined the possible applicability of the conventional theory as approximations to the more advanced nonlinear and large strain theories. The book is rich in analysis detail and should be useful to students, faculty and practicing engineers.


Preface. Introduction and historical review. Hydraulic heads, pressures and conductivity. The effective stress principle. Poroelasticity, plasticity and viscoplasticity. The conventional theory of consolidation. The loaded semi-infinite clay layer. The homogeneous clay layer. The non-homogeneous clay layer, analytical solutions. Consolidation of an accumulating clay layer. Eulerian and Lagrangian descriptions of motion and balance laws. Constitutive relations. Governing equations for nonlinear and conventional theories. Pore pressure formulation. Volume fraction formulation. Time-dependent surcharge loading. Impeded drainage. The layered system. Groundwater withdrawal. Soil Improvement. Two-and three-dimensional consolidation problems.

The chapters are richly illustrated in terms of diagrams showing problem statements and solutions.

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Published by: University of Colorado Press
Publication date: September 2000
570 pages., Paperback (8.5 x 11 in.)
Price: $ 45.00

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