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Encore Lectures

An encore of the 1998 Rankine Lecture by David W. Hight will be given on Tuesday evening, April 21, 1998 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. in conjunction with the First International Conference on Site Characterization (ISC'98). The title of the Rankine Lecture is "Soil Characterisation: The Importance of Anisotropy and Structure".

This event is in addition to six Keynote presentations:

  1. Ray Stewart & Bryan Watts: "WAC Bennett Dam - Characterization of a Crest Sinkhole".
  2. John Greenhouse "Trends in Geophysical Site Characterization".
  3. Peter K. Robertson "Geoenvironmental Applications of Penetration Testing".
  4. Martin Fahey "Deformation and In-Situ Stress Measurement of Soils".
  5. James K. Mitchell "Analysis and Use of CPT in Earthquake and Environmental Engineering".
  6. Guy T. Houlsby "Advanced Interpretation of Field Tests".

Also Featuring:

Encore of the 33rd Terzaghi Lecture "Small-Strain Properties of Soils" by Richard D. Woods.

The first Sowers Lecture "Design: What Role in the Rapidly-Evolving Environment of Global Research Universities?", by G. Wayne Clough.

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