EJGE/iGEM - Meeting Announcement


International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference and Exhibition
Brest, France
May 30 -June 4, 1999

Geotechnical themes include:
Offshore and nearshore sediments (mechanics, environmental issues), Offshore geomechanics (soil-structure interaction), Case studies and practical experiences Detection, calibration, remote sensing and NDT in soil property measurements.

Abstracts may either be forwarded to Dr Pamukcu (electronically or otherwise; see addresses below); or to the ISOPE Technical Program Committee at:

P.O Box 1107
Golden, Colorado 80402-1107
Attn: Dr. Jin S. Chung
fax: 303-420-3760

Deadlines: Abstract (2) August 1, 1998
Manuscript (3) December 1, 1998
Final manuscript March 8, 1998

Communicated by Sibel Pamukcu, Assoc. Professor, Geotechnical Engineering Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Lehigh University

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