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GeoCongress 2006 - Atlanta, Georgia

Geotechnical Engineering in the Information Technology Age

Announcement: Bulletin One is now out requesting abstracts for papers, technical sessions, panels, short courses, & workshops that will be considered under the General Themes: Sensing methods & devices; Data synthesis & management; Numerical modeling & analysis; Simulation & visual analysis. The underlying theme for 2006 GeoCongress is geotechnical information. This conference will highlight many of the very significant developments which have occurred, as well as new opportunities, as related to field characterization, laboratory testing, data management, subsurface visualization, numerical simulation, system analysis, and education. The conference is sponsored by the ASCE Geo-Institute and details may be found at:


A diverse range of activities for the GeoCongress is sought with technical papers, keynotes, instructional forums, student competitions, software demonstrations, educational technologies, hardware, exhibits, and poster displays. In addition to plenary sessions with keynote presentations, the GeoCongress 2006 will feature the Terzaghi, Seed, and Peck Lectures.

Contact information:

Chair: Professor J. David Frost
Georgia Institute of Technology
Civil & Environmental Engineering
790 Atlantic Drive, Mason Bldg
Atlanta, GA 30332-0355
Email: dfrost@ce.gatech.edu
Fax: 404-894-2281

Co-Chair: Dr. Robert C. Bachus
GeoSyntec Consultants, Kennesaw, GA
Email: RBachus@GeoSyntec.com
Co-Chair: Tamara Zettler
GeoSyntec Consultants, Kennesaw, GA
Email: TZettler@GeoSyntec.com

Geo-Institute Director: Carol Bowers
ASCE Headquarters
1801 Alexander Graham Bell Drive
Reston, VA 20191-4400
Email: cbowers@asce.org
Conference Manager: Lucy King
Email: lking@asce.org

e-Mail your complaints, suggestions, corrections, and praise to: