PREFACE: The Sowers Lecture is a distinguished event to honor the Regents Professor George F. Sowers (1921-1996) who was an internationally-known educator and senior geotechnical consultant with 50 years of service at the Georgia Institute of Technology. (See details at: Past lecturers include Prof. & President G. W. Clough (1998) and University Distinguished Prof. Mike Duncan (1999). The event is co-sponsored by the ASCE Georgia Geotechnical Section, the ASCE Geo-Institute, and Law/Gibb Group.


MEETING:        Thursday Evening, April 20, 2000

SPEAKER:        Professor Richard E. Goodman
                University of California-Berkeley

TOPIC:  Rock Slope Failures

ABSTRACT: The Third George F. Sowers Lecture will consist of a presentation covering the many modes of failure of rock slopes, their warning signs, and the conditions that favor one versus the other. This is a story that Professor Dick Goodman began to tell as a paper now in press for the ASCE. The tutorial part of this lecture, conforming to the ASCE paper, will be followed by examples from slopes around the world.
BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: Professor Dick Goodman received his BA & MS from Cornell University and PhD from the University of California-Berkeley.  He holds the title of Cahill Professor of Geological Engineering at Civil Engineering Department at U-CA-Berkeley. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.  Interests include:
characterization & analysis of discontinuous rocks, and of melange, decomposed granites, and other rock materials approximated as binary mixtures; and foundations of dams and penstocks. Prof. Goodman is the author of four books on the topics of geological engineering, rock mechanics, block theory, and engineering geology. He has written over 160 technical papers. The well-known book Introduction to Rock Mechanics (1980, 1989, Wiley & Sons) was used at Georgia Tech for the Rock Mechanics course offered by Professor George F. Sowers.  Most recently, the acclaimed book Karl Terzaghi: The Engineer as an Artist (1999, ASCE) has received several reviews of praise (e.g., Review by Prof. Robert Whitman, ASCE Geostrata, April 2000; Review in the Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering by Prof. Mete Oner:; ASCE Review: He is a visiting Research Fellow with the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute. Professor Goodman gave the coveted 35th Rankine Lecture to the British Geotechnical Society on “Block Theory & Its Applications” (Geotechnique, Sept. 1995). He owns and operates an opera house in California, as well as performs as a professional vocalist himself.