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Article three (July 2002):

Geotechs Go Wireless!

by Mete Oner

In the previous articles in this series, I kept referring to wireless communications and how important it was going to be in geotechnical engineering soon.

It has happened, yes sir!

While I was preparing to write this third article, I searched the web for the two words geotechnical and wireless appeared together and found 3490 pages on Yahoo! and 7,580 pages in Google. What a contrast to the result back in mid-90's when I started GVL-- I searched and searched for just geotechnical and found a grand total of 4 (four) Web pages!

By the way, one of those four Web pages was Louri Consultants, which comes to you from a corner of a giant AOL server these days, but used to be at it own domain, http://www.lourieconsultants.com. We cached it for you, just to protect this little piece of history; here it is.

It seems wireless has invaded the planet in the last few months! Although these Web page counts include repetitive references, and half of them to your iGEM pages here, it is still a large number. Since there are so many, I will only mention a few here.