Lourie Consultants is a consulting engineering firm specializing in geotechnical engineering and geoenvironmental consulting. Our firm's key professionals have gained their skills through education, training, professional development programs, and years of practice. They have used their skills to complete projects for clients in the commercial, industrial, and municipal sectors. Clients and projects are located over a broad geographic area.

Quality and Confidence

Lourie Consultants stands for quality -- measured in the client's terms. Each client defines quality differently. Therefore, we work closely with a client to define what quality means to each client. We strive to use senior-level, experienced professionals to perform, direct, and manage each project. We want each client to believe that forming a working partnership with Lourie Consultants is a wise decision.

A Profile of Our Clients

Our clients are knowledgeable owners, design professionals, developers, attorneys, and industry representatives. They value personalized service and mutual workscope development that provides sound, practical solutions to both routine and complex issues. Repeat business from satisfied clients represents a large segment of our client base.


We offer a range of professional services focusing on geotechnical and geoenvironmental issues. The following paragraphs present a summary of just some of the service areas where we have experience. If your project needs are outside our areas of practice, we will refer you to other consultants who can help you.

Geotechnical Services

Geotechnical engineering draws upon the broad fields of civil engineering and geology. Lourie Consultants' special role is solving foundation and earth structure problems. We do this by applying sound theoretical concepts and practical knowledge of the physical behavior of earth materials. Our services include:

Geoenvironmental Services

Finding practical solutions to both routine and complex geoenvironmental problems is a primary goal for Lourie Consultants. We use a combination of experienced personnel, proven techniques, and innovative methods to satisfy this goal. Some of the services we offer are:


Sound business practices are consistent with quality professional services. The following paragraphs present our approach to several key business issues.


We require written contracts for our projects. For each project, you will receive a written proposal from us that defines our scope of work. The proposal also will include contractual terms and conditions for you to accept as part of the executed contract.

Project Fees

Our approach to structuring project fees depends on client preferences, the nature of the project, and the ability to define and control the various project tasks. Our typical fee basis is unit rates with an initial retainer based on an estimated project fee. In some cases, we will accept project assignments with other fee structures.


We maintain high quality insurance coverage for both general and professional liability. If necessary, you can receive certificates of insurance from us after you award a project to us.

Quality Management and Loss Prevention

Lourie Consultants and its personnel are proud to be active members of many technical and professional organizations; individual memberships include ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) and NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers). The firm's membership includes ACEC (American Consulting Engineers Council), Consulting Engineers Council Louisiana (CEC/L), and ASFE: Professional Firms Practicing in the Geosciences. ASFE is the leading professional association for firms practicing in the geotechnical and environmental fields. ASFE has identified industry-wide standards of care for quality control and quality assurance. These standards address business management, peer review, professional development, project management, financial management, and marketing. We believe our use of these standards improves the quality of services we provide to clients and enhances our professional practice. To demonstrate the firm's commitment to quality and loss prevention, the firm was peer reviewed in 1997.

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