EJGE/GEM Announcement

Available Geotechnical Position:

Research Assistant
at University of Rhode Island

[Posted: 7:13 PM 10/24/96]

Research Assistantship Available at:
Marine Geomechanics Laboratory
Department of Ocean Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental
Engineering University of Rhode Island
Narragansett, RI 02882
October, 1996

Position and support available: We have recently been awarded a four-year grant from the National Science Foundation to study seabed slope processes in the Northwest Gulf of Mexico, and have funding to support at least one graduate research assistant for the duration of the project. We are seeking a person interested in a Ph.D. program in marine geomechanics, preferably someone who has completed an M.S. program. The position provides full academic year support, summer stipend and full tuition. The position will be available beginning the spring semester of 1997.

Requirements: Preference will be given to individuals having a M.S. degree in geotechnical engineering, marine geomechanics, or closely related field. Highly motivated students without the M.S. degree will be considered if they have a strong background of courses and/or experience in geotechnics. In addition to participation in three research cruises and the laboratory testing program, the candidate will have a major role in the analysis and computer modeling work.

Project description: During the last several years, the trend of offshore industry in the Gulf of Mexico is to deeper water sites exceeding 1000 m. Many technical constraints must be faced as we move toward sites on the continental slope and rise where seabed processes are complex. The objective of this research project is to understand the fundamental linkages between engineering properties of slope sediments, environmental forcing functions, and downslope processes; and to develop the capability of predicting the range of seabed processes.

The program is an integrated combination of field, laboratory, and modeling efforts. The study area encompasses a wide range of seabed processes including mass wasting and creep, faulting, diapirism, sediment flows, and related processes associated with halokinesis. The field work entails three research cruises: the first two to obtain detailed acoustic subbottom information and the third to obtain large-diameter undisturbed core samples to depths of 25 to 30 m subbottom and to conduct in situ geotechnical tests. The comprehensive laboratory testing program will focus on determining the geotechnical properties and parameters necessary for the analysis/modeling portion of the research. This project is a joint effort between the University of Rhode Island and Texas A&M University.

Marine Geomechanics Laboratory (MGL) facilities: The URI/MGL is a multi-purpose facility that is utilized by the Departments of Ocean, Civil and Mechanical Engineering and the Graduate School of Oceanography. The MGL is an internationally recognized, unique research facility specifically established for experimental and analytical studies of the full range of ocean sediments. The geomechanics research group provides a unique blend of interdisciplinary expertise, including a core group of engineers and oceanographers who have worked closely together on a number of major projects of national and international scope.

Application deadline: Applicants are urged to apply immediately since the deadline for spring admission is early November. Contact either of the following persons to discuss the position and obtain an admissions application package:

Dr. Armand J. Silva, PI/Project Director        Dr. George E. Veyera, Co-PI Department of Ocean Engineering                 Department of Civil Engineering University of Rhode Island                      University of Rhode Island Narragansett, RI  02882                         Kingston, RI  02881
Tel: 401-874-6191/6194                          Tel: 401-874-2684 Fax:  401-874-6741/6837                         Fax:  401-874-2786
E-Mail: silva@mistral.oce.uri.edu               E-Mail: veyerag@egr.uri.edu