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Available Geotechnical Positions:

Graduate Research Assistantships
Lehigh University, PA

[Posted: 98/03/31]

Graduate student research/assistantship in geotechnical engineering at OU

The Geotechnical Group in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Lehigh University has TWO Graduate Assistant positions available for Academic Year 1998-1999. Offers are expected to be made by April 13, 1998, so potential candidates are encouraged to contact Prof. Raschke via e-mail as soon as possible (sara@lehigh.edu). Potential candidates must officially apply to Lehigh University by April 15, 1998.

Position 1- Masters or Ph.D. Level (tuition waiver only)

This position is open to exceptionally qualified students interesting in pursuing a graduate degree in Geotechnical Engineering at the Masters or Ph.D. level. The student will assist in the establishment and maintenance of a new "Geotechnical Multimedia Laboratory for Courseware Development and Instruction." In addition, the student will aid faculty and graduate students in the development of multi-media and on-line educational materials for geotechnical classes. The student should posses strong computer hardware and software skills. Knowledge of computer networking, the Microsoft Windows NT operating system, and programming skills are desirable.

Funding (tuition waiver only) is currently available for two years of support, which is sufficient for completion of a MS degree. Students pursuing a doctoral degree may receive support under continued research and/or teaching assignments.

Position 2 - Ph.D. Level Only (tuition waiver AND stipend)

This position is open to exceptionally qualified students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Geotechnical Engineering at the Ph.D. level. The student will work on research to incorporate imaging and visualization technologies to improve geotechnical and geoenvironmental site characterization techniques. Computer-based modeling techniques for characterizing and visualizing subsurface soil properties will be developed.

The student should possess strong analytical skills, including statistical methods. Experience with image processing, geographic information systems and/or spatial modeling is desirable. Familiarity with UNIX- and Windows-based computer systems, and computer programming languages such as Java, C, and /or C++ is desirable. In addition, the student should have a strong interest in in-situ geotechnical testing and sampling.

Funding is currently available for three years of support (12-month appointment), which is sufficient for completion of a Ph.D. degree. The assistantship carries a monthly stipend of $1200/mo. during the 9-month academic year and $1400/mo. during the summer. A full tuition waiver for 18 credits of coursework per academic year is provided.

For additional information about Lehigh University and its academic programs, see Lehigh Website.

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