EJGE/iGEM Job Announcement

Available Geotechnical Positions:

Geotechnical Engineers and Engineering Geologists

ENGEO Incorporated, CA

[Posted: 99/02/14]

We are a full-service, multi-disciplinary firm that specializes in the earth sciences, including Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Consulting, Geology and Project Management.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Geotechnical engineering for a full spectrum of projects, including industrial, commercial, and large scale mixed use developments.
  • Geologic mapping, slope stability analyses, land slide stabilization, fault studies, seismicity evaluations and site response determinations.
  • Environmental site characterizations, hydrogeologic analyses, remedial action plans, compliance audits and risk assessments.
  • Special Inspections and Materials Testing.
  • Wetland delineation, sensitive species evaluation, restoration planning, bioengineering stabilization.

Our Corporate Headquarters is located in San Ramon, California (40 miles east of San Francisco). We have Branch Offices located in Vacaville, California (Solano County) and Gilroy, California (Santa Clara County).

The ENGEO team consists of approximately 60 technical and administrative professionals. Our technical registrations include:

     Registered Geotechnical Engineers
     Registered Civil Engineers
     Registered Environmental Assessors
     Registered Geologists
     Certified Environmental Manager
     Certified Engineering Geologists
     Certified Hydrogeologists
     Certified Erosion Control Specialists
     Certified Hazardous Materials Managers
     Certified Engineering Technicians
     OSA Certified Laboratory
     Geotechnical Field Technicians

We are accepting resumes for the positions briefly outlined below.

  • Geotechnical Field Technician: Works in a learning capacity and receiving on-the-job training; closely supervised.
  • Field Engineers/Geologists: Degreed (B.S. or M.S.); working in a learning capacity and receiving on-the-job training in the field or office; may prepare simple designs, reports and calculations; closely supervised.
  • Staff Engineer/Geologist: Degreed (B.S. or M.S. or Ph.D) plus one to three years experience and/or higher degree; works on projects of average difficulty; work reviewed in detail; may be registered.
  • Project Engineer: Degreed (usually M.S. or Ph.D) plus two to five years experience; most likely registered; work level requires independent study and responsible judgment; more complex projects.

Send, fax or e-mail resumes to:

ENGEO Incorporated
Attn: Gail Fitzsimmons
2401 Crow Canyon Road, Suite 200
San Ramon, CA 94583
Fax: 925-838-7425
E-mail address: gf@engeo.com

Visit our Web Site at: www.engeo.com