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Leaning tower of Pisa being constructed...

-I skimped a little on the foundation, but no one will ever know it


Pachelbel - Canon in D (Re major)


Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture
This is about the Russian "victory" against the mighty French army. Funny thing is, the French lost, because their leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, didn't know that Russia was a cold place, so he didn't order coats to be brought along; by the time they reached Moscow half his army had deserted and the other half froze to death.
That's what Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovskiy is celebrating with this wonderful overture; it's the only orchestral piece with real cannons used as instruments---by the way, Piotr was gay.


ABBA - Waterloo


Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake by Kirov Ballet
Yulia Makhalina, prima ballerina, as Odette/Odile


Ludwig knocks you out! (Beethoven's 5th Symphony)

      His 200th birthday was in 1970--when I drove thru Wien (Vienna) and saw those big signs everywhere (happy birthday Beethoven)---His things were displayed in a temporary museum they had set up. Of course I went in.---I saw his piano there and couldn't resist---I punched sol-sol-sol-mi... ---and two big guards didn't let me go on fa-fa-fa-re...)
      The world celebrates Ludwig van Beethoven's 240th birthday and thanks him for all the wonderful music he has created, even after he couldn't hear anymore. At the end of his 9th Symphony he repeats "diesen Kuss der ganzen Welt" (these kisses are for the whole world).
      Here is a few samples of the beauty he created: These videos are watched millions of times on YouTube---I take it as millions of kisses to Ludwig back from the whole world.


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