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Dr M. Ufuk Ergun

Nickname: Terzaghi

There are a few geotechnical engineers in the world called that. M. Ufuk Ergun is one of them. The nickname is to indicate the almost religious following people have observed in you—a strict adherence to the principles laid out by Karl Terzaghi, the father of soil mechanics. There are no official guidelines or criteria for the assignment of this nickname—it happens spontaneously. And it only sticks with you if everyone who knows you always agrees with it.

Ufuk Ergun, aka Terzaghi. See the pages about Terzaghi, at this website and elsewhere, for learning what this honorary title means. Briefly, it reflects the highest professional ethics and conduct; it means you are dedicated to understanding the soil you are dealing with: to know its origins, where it has been, and what environmental and mechanical factors it has been through. You see it in situ, hold it, squeze it, smell it. You test it in situ, you take samples and test them in your lab, get to know it, in such detail that you will know how it will behave under the conditions they are going to subject it to.

Dr Ergun was born in Ankara, Turkey, in 1948, into a family of teachers. He has attended public schools, and always made his parents proud. He was awarded B.S.(Hons.) by METU, 1970 and M.S.(Hons.) by METU, 1972; Ph.D.(D.I.C.) by Imperial College, London University, 1976—all with such distinction.

Dr Ergun's areas of interest are Ground Improvement, Stabilisation of Landslides by Piles or Other Inclusions, Deep Excavations, Deep Foundations, Shear Strength Properties of Soils and Weak Rocks. He has done extensive research and published numerous reports, papers, and articles on these topics. He is the author of a best-selling geotechnical engineering book. He is presently working on a new book on Deep Excavations (in English, being translated into Turkish). EJGE is currently working on making a shorter version of this work included in the historic publication State of the Art of Geotechnical Engineering: 2008 dubbed Bouquet 08.

It is an honor and priviledge that we see Dr M. Ufuk Ergun inducted to the Geotechnical Engineering Hall of Fame.

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