iGEM/ejge portrait of a geotechnical engineer


Suzanne Lacasse was born and raised in the small town of Noranda in Québec, Canada. Her father was a construction engineer and her mother, a homemaker. Being a gifted student, Dr. Lacasse was able to skip several grades in the local public school system and graduated high school at the tender age of 14. She attended the local Collége de Rouyn, Université de Montréal and graduated in 1967 with the highest distinction. Dr. Lacasse continued her education by studying Civil Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Lacasse has been the Managing Director of the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) since 1991. She speaks English, French, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch and she has worked in Canada, France, England, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands and the United States. Dr. Lacasse also has consulting experiences in several other countries and has over a hundred contributions to professional journals and references.

Dr. Lacasse developed her broad engineering background from research, consulting, and teaching. She has the talent for combining practical design considerations with mathematical analysis. Her early work focused on geotechnical laboratory techniques, in-situ testing and soil behavior studies. She has also worked in the field of foundation design and engineering, both for onshore and offshore structures. She was an important member of the NGI team that developed procedures for the design of offshore platforms under storm loading. She has become renowned for the development and application of probabilistic analyses in foundation design.

Suzanne Lacasse has been involved in many activities. During childhood she enjoyed playing the piano and organ, reading, and crafts. She was very active in the Girl Scout Movement and headed troops in the Rouyn-Noranda district. She enjoyed downhill skiing and water skiing. During college, she was active in university association and campus activities, as well as in sports. Dr. Lacasse now devotes her free time to travelling, the outdoors and literature.


19 January 1999