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Landslide in Trabzon, Turkey

Mete Oner

A major landslide occured in Trabzon, Turkey in 2009. It only caused property damage, and no one was hurt. Trabzon is a mid-to-large size town of over one million population. It is the birthplace of Suleiman the Magnificent (Kanuni in Turkish).

Because it had been raining heavily for a few weeks they were expecting this to happen. It always rains heavily there at the eastern Black Sea coast of Turkey, especially in this area. And people have come to expect landslides.

So, for the older residents of town it was no big deal. But for younger people and those who just moved to that region from dryer parts of Turkey it was an exciting event.


So some people have found this event interesting and used the occasion for outing, sort of like an educational tour, as demonstrated below.

Many people didn't care about the landslide; shopping was more fun; as soon as the rain stopped and the sun was back, everything was back to normal:

And some friends even had their commemmorative photographs taken.

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