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  • The International Deep Foundation Congress
    ASCE conference, Grouting and Ground Treatment 2003 February 23-28, 2003, New Orleans, LA
    See the announcement here in this PDF file (162k) Submitted by Michael J. Byle, Conference Chairman, Geo-Institute Committee on Grouting, (610) 650-8101
  • Contact Mechanics 2003
    Sixth International Conference on Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements in Contact Mechanics, Crete, Greece 12 - 14 March 2003
  • CMEM 2003
    Eleventh International Conference on Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements 12 -14 May 2003, Halkidiki, Greece
  • BETECH 2003
    15th International Conference on Boundary Element Technology. Detroit, MI, USA 19-21 May 2003
  • 3rd Geotechnique and Natural Hazards
    3rd Canadian Conference on Geo-hazards, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 8-10 June 2003
  • Numerical Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering
    For practising civil engineers and numerical analysts with an insight into the use of the finite element method in geotechnical practice and to show, the restrictions, pitfalls, advantages and disadvantages of this approach. The course consists of lectures and workshops. Presented by Prof. David Potts and Dr. Lidija Zdravkovic from Imperial College London, together with external speakers. 10-13 June 2003 Ulrika Wernmark, Centre for Professional Development,Imperial College London, UK
  • 8th International Conference on Permafrost
    Zurich, Switzerland 21-25 July 2003
    Prof. Helmut F. Schweiger of TU-Graz is organizing a special session on COMPUTATIONAL GEOMECHANICS at the Second MIT Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics. The conference is from June 17-20, 2003
  • EM2003, ASCE Engineering Mechanics Conference
    "Inelastic Behavior of Saturated and Partially Saturated Porous Media" Seattle, WA, July 16-18, 2003 email Majid Manzari (George Washington Univ.)
  • The 13th European Conference
    on Soil Mechanics & Geotech Engrg, Prague August 25-28, 2003
  • BGA International Conference on Foundations
    "Innovations, Observations, Design and Practice," University of Dundee, Scotland 2-5 September 2003
  • GeoMO 2003
    Deep Foundations for Transportation Structures at University of Missouri-Rolla Technical Assistance: Dr. Richard Stephenson, Professor, Civil Engineering Phone: (573) 341-6549 Email: stephens@umr.edu (link above) September 11, 2003
  • Pre-Failure Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials
    in Lyon September 22-24, 2003
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