EJGE/Magazine Feature

The First Geotechnical Java Applet

With the exception of computer professionals, Geotechnical Engineers are definitely the first to make good use of the Internet -- World Wide Web, to be exact.

GVL was among the first (and still the best, according to our biased opinion), then came the EJGE. While we were planning the next step on that line, someone beat us -- our very own Dave Doolin!

In a Web page they named RockSlip ND---A Network Demonstration of a rock wedge stability computer program for cylindrically folded rocks, they allow the Web surfer try their new method of analysis. You can enter your data in the boxes provided and click a button, voila! Your answer comes back to your screen right then and there! This Java applet is given us by David M. Doolin and Dr Matthew Mauldon of Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee.

Here it is, see for yourself! Note Sometimes they seem to take it off-line for "maintainance" (i.e, debugging), so be patient and try again later. A complete reporting of this will appear in EJGE.


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